Transportation Services In Ballarat, Victoria

WVCT (Western Victorian Crane Trucks) provides competitive prices and transportation services in Ballarat and we priorities customer satisfaction above all else, ensuring the best experience when our trucks are at your disposal.

You name it, we transport it

Western Victorian Crane Trucks provide safe and cost-effective transportation of small to large loads. Our fleet is extremely competent and well-maintained, and we have a team with the skills and credentials to ensure the safe transportation of your goods. Every load, from a pallet to heavy haulage, is equally important to us; we devote the time, care, and effort required to achieve our ultimate goal: complete client satisfaction.

We offer world-class transportation services in Ballarat, Victoria including dedicated truck and crane-assisted transport of items to and from desired locations and premises. We provide a wide range of crane and transport services for the construction industry, from mesh and bar to roofing material. We provide transportation-

  • Timber
  • Special landscape and commercial products
  • Residential and commercial framing
  • Wall and roof trusses
  • Flooring
  • Steel
  • Mesh, bar, and fabrication
  • Sheet metal and coils
  • Structural steel
  • Installs
  • Structural steel
  • Sculpture and spa installation
  • Milk and water tanks
  • Machinery
  • Signages
  • Light poles
  • Building material
  • Tiles, slates, bricks
  • Foam work 
  • Concrete panel

Be at Ease, WVCT Got Everything Covered

WVCT understands how important it is to have trust in a transportation company in Ballarat for which you are entrusting your valuable goods. When you hire Western Victorina Crane Trucks (WVCT) you can be confident that you will receive safe, dependable services that are fully compliant with all rules and regulations. We have obtained all necessary licenses and certifications, so you can trust us with your time, money, and transportation.

  • Health and safety management system
  • Contractor management system
  • General construction safety induction cards
  • Heavy vehicle license
  • License to perform dogging( DOGMAN)
  • Basic rigging
  • First aid essentials

Why choose WVCT over other transportation Service providers?

1. We have a fleet of well-maintained, technically advanced crane trucks service that can perform complex and large operations on-site and have 20 years of experience in the transportation industry in Ballarat Victoria. Whatever your requirements are, our advanced and modern fleet of trucks, cranes, and trailers will meet them quickly and efficiently.

2. We take the time to understand the nature of each load in order to design well-planned steps in finalizing the route and vehicle to meet the needs of the unit. We provide customized solutions based on the specifics of each unit load, and our team at WVCT, a transportation service in Victoria, frequently adapt existing systems to meet new challenges and expectations as modules, components, materials, and equipment vary in size and complexity.

3. We will arrange for all necessary documentation and paperwork to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your goods. You don’t have to be concerned about legal procedures on WVCT’s end; we’ve got you covered.

4. Extensive route planning, identifying bottlenecks and contingencies, transitioning between modes of transportation, and managing local transport permits: our engineers and operators handle all of these logistical services and more with expertise.

5. We strive for maximum uptime for each project by shortening the transport operation timeline and allowing logistics to operate safely and on time. As a result, our clients will receive their transport on time. We want nothing less than a completely satisfied and happy customer.

6. We have safety-approved equipment and a fleet, as well as competent and qualified personnel, to ensure that we meet the standards and safety requirements both on and off-site.

7. We have a team of the best professionals in the industry ready to give it their all in order to improve the safety, productivity, and sustainability of every project they take on. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to advise you and bring you the best solutions for your transfers and heavy equipment.

8. We are a company that prioritizes the safety and security of our employees and customers. Every day, we want our employees and customers to return home safely. WVCT is a fully insured company on which you can rely and have peace of mind that your belongings are safe.

Only experienced and trained operators operate our crane trucks and rigging equipment in accordance with safety guidelines. On every project you give us, we follow load capacity charts, inspection, and safety protocols. We are a company that is concerned with performance, quality, dependability, and safety. Whatever your freight and transportation needs are, we have the perfect crane truck for you, no matter where you are in Victoria, Australia.

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