Lifting Service in Ballarat, Victoria

WVCT cranes and trucks  know as the best lifting services in Ballarat Victoria and exceptional and all around kept up with to offer productive answers for all lifting activities and prerequisites, using current strategies and lifting techniques. 

What All Can We Do As Lifting Company in Ballarat?

Be it business or private, our cranes can lift any size of brackets, building material scene, business items, network, bar, manufacture, sheet metals, curls, hardware, signages, light posts, substantial boards, and considerably more. We give crane employ answers for all heap sizes, from little too weighty and complex lifting requiring extensive investigations, site evaluation, and arranging, we got you covered. Our point is to give protected and proficient arrangements regardless of the spot, burden, or time. any lift, whenever, anyplace. We can lift any heap you have-

  • Timber
  • Special landscape and commercial products
  • Residential and commercial framing
  • Wall and roof trusses
  • Steel
  • Mesh, bar, and fabrication
  • Sheet metal and coils
  • Structural steel
  • Installs
  • Structural steel
  • Sculpture and spa installation
  • Milk and water tanks
  • Machinery
  • Signages
  • Light poles
  • Building material
  • Tiles, slates, bricks
  • Foam work 
  • Concrete panel

Choosing The Right Lifting Services in Ballarat For Your Project!

We understand that selecting the right crane necessitates preparation and planning, but it is an absolutely necessary process. We know that the right crane can help you save money, increase efficiency, and keep your project on track, within budget, and on time.

1. Determine the weight of the load be lifted-

The weight of the load is the first thing we consider. Then, assign a crane that is appropriate for the load weight and type. We mean whether your load is a liquid-filled tank or a concrete block.

2. Recognize the lift’s height-

The crane we select is heavily influenced by the height of the lift. We must consider boom length in relation to lifting height, and height is affected by weather conditions, particularly wind. If not carefully assessed, this could result in serious damage.

3. Calculate the moving distance-

The crane, like the lift’s height, must travel some distance horizontally to pick and deliver your load. In order to travel that distance safely, we include a counterweight, support structure, and boom stability.

4. Terrain on-site-

The stability of a crane’s support structure is an important consideration when selecting a crane for the terrain. This is critical for lowering risk and increasing productivity.

5. Is it easy to get to the project site?

It is not always on-site obstacles that our team must overcome; on the way to the site, we encounter numerous obstacles, rules and regulations, and safety concerns. All of this must be taken into account and acted upon.

License and Certifications

We value your trust, money, and project at WVCT. We will provide every possible proof of our credibility to ensure that you can entrust us with your project and be confident that you will receive safe, dependable services that are fully compliant with all applicable rules and regulations. We have obtained all necessary licences and certifications, so you can trust us with your time, money, and transportation.

  • Health and safety management system
  • Contractor management system
  • General construction safety induction cards
  • Heavy vehicle license
  • License to perform dogging( DOGMAN)
  • Basic rigging
  • First aid essentials

Why choose WVCT for Lifting Services?

We take your safety as our priority –

– WVCT determines the items to be moved, their weight and dimensions, as well as the presence of hazardous or toxic substances that could cause an accident during the lift. We include all rigging precautions and safety measures to ensure a trouble-free, smooth procedure.

We have highly skilled individuals working on your project –

-WVCT takes pride in its team of professionals and experts who are eager to roll up their sleeves and get to work. They go above and beyond to provide you with the best services possible. We fulfil our commitment to understand our clients’ complex lift requirements and provide solutions through this innovative and pragmatic team.

Cranes and equipment that are both safe and efficient –

– We include standards in our procedures and ensure that safety precautions are in place. Before operating a crane and lifting a load, all parts, including ropes, rope drums, sheaves, hook slings, and mechanical components, are thoroughly inspected.

Rails, wheels, brakes, gears, and control buttons are all thoroughly examined.

Before lifting, our operators make sure:

  • That the load is free of any kind of loose materials
  • No slack in sling and hoisting ropes
  • The load doesn’t exceed its max load capacity.
  • The lifting device fits properly in the hook.
  • Check that no obstruction in the way of load movement
  • To check if all safety features are in place
  • To avoid jerky movements and maintain smooth movements.
  • Maintain control during lifting and lowering

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