Crane Hire Services In Ballarat, Victoria

Best Crane Hire Services in Ballarat Victoria – Hiring a crane is the best option if you have a project that involves moving or transporting heavy loads. This way you can reduce the overall cost of buying, storing and maintaining a crane. But WVCT knows that finding the right crane and the right service provider can be a very daunting and stressful task.

That’s why we welcome you to WVCT. The most trusted crane hire company in Ballarat, providing services across Victoria. Our crane department is staffed with professional experts. They have hands-on experience with complex and large projects. We understand your requirements and work accordingly to provide you the best solutions. We put a lot of effort, experience and proper analysis into choosing the right crane for your project, so you do not have to worry about it.

What is Crane Rental Services?

When you pay a company for its cranes and services that you need temporarily, it is called crane hire. Maybe you need a crane for commercial or residential purposes, maybe you are working on a high-dollar project, or maybe you need a crane for a major personal project. Whatever your needs and requirements, WVCT is always there for you and we provide best crane hire services in Ballarat Victoria.

Why Hire a Crane Truck?

Why is it always better to rent a crane for your project than to buy one?

  • You have access to modern and advanced cranes with the latest features.
  • No transport and maintenance costs.
  • No long-term capital investment.
  • You have a wide choice when renting a crane from a rental company.
  • You have a wider choice of specialist cranes, which would not be possible if you bought them.
  • You have the flexibility to switch between different types of cranes and forklifts.
  • No annoying storage costs.

Access to professional and expert operators. WVCT provides qualified and trained operators for every project.

Crane Hire Services in Ballarat Victoria:


At WVCT, we have a fleet of the most efficient, modern and advanced cranes in the industry. Our crane rental company in Ballarat, Victoria, are suitable for any type of lifting, transportation and load size, whether commercial or residential. We offer crane rentals in Melbourne for all load sizes, from small to heavy and complex loads. Our goal is to provide safe and efficient solutions, regardless of location, load or time.

  • Timber
  • Special landscape and commercial products
  • Residential and commercial framing
  • Wall and roof trusses
  • Steel
  • Mesh, bar, and fabrication
  • Sheet metal and coils
  • Structural steel
  • Installs
  • Structural steel
  • Sculpture and spa installation
  • Milk and water tanks
  • Machinery
  • Signages
  • Light poles
  • Building material
  • Tiles, slates, bricks
  • Foam work
  • Concrete panel
Crane Hire Services In Ballarat, Victoria

License and Certifications-

Your trust and security are very important to us. We never promise something we cannot deliver. Because of this commitment, we have acquired all the necessary licenses and certifications. This proves that we provide the safest and most reliable services for your needs.

WVCT provides crane hire services in Ballarat Victoria that are fully compliant with government rules and regulations. Below are some licenses and certifications that we believe prove why you should choose us.

  • Health and safety management system
  • Contractor management system
  • General construction safety induction cards
  • Heavy vehicle license
  • Vehicle loading crane capacity 10 meters and above
  • Slewing mobile crane with 60 tones capacity or less
  • License to perform dogging( DOGMAN)
  • Basic rigging
  • First aid essentials

Why Choose WVCT Crane Trucks in Ballarat Victoria?

When you have an array of choices and you can feel overwhelmed. Which best crane hire company to choose? Which crane hire service provider to rent? Well, we can’t just tell you to hire us, but we can show you how we are better, so you know what to do next-

01 Safety-

At WVCT, we consider the safety of our staff and customers above all. We make sure our company adheres to every safety rules and standards.

02 Experience-

WVCT has been in the industry for over two decades now. We are proud to say that we have professionals and experts on board as our staff. Who provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to your crane requirements.

03 Responsiveness-

We are here in your service 24 hours a day. We make sure to respond to your e-mails, messages, and calls on time and timely manner.

04 Reputation-

WVCT has earned a name and place in the industry through its work through the years of its establishment.

05 Customer Service-

Customer is what makes us, and we believe in providing the best we can. We provide 24/7 customer support and handle every kind of query you have. You can contact us anytime, anywhere, without any hesitation.

06 Equipment-

Each equipment and cranes are thoroughly checked on a regular basis. We make sure you get the best of our services.

07 Complementary Services and Logistics-

Renting cranes from WVCT means you can rest assured the crane is in good condition and that it has been serviced effectively.

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